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President Obama s cavalier attitude toward the Brussels terrorist bombing (a Benghazi bump in the road) in addition to his detachment from and no-show at last November s Paris event of 41 world leaders revealing their solidarity against the Islamic jihadi terrorist attacks was a shame for all Americans. His aloofness should not come as a surprise.

He understands better than the majority of Americans that the afflict of jihadi terrorism has its roots in Islam. It discusses why he directed that training handbooks be purged of anything that connected Islam with terrorism. In addition, Mr. Obama s intentional obfuscation of the bibles of Islam, as discovered in the Koran and Shariah law, which drives jihadi acts of terrorism, has facilitated the spread of Islam and its supremacist ideology. It has assisted and abetted the enemy.
It puzzles the American public on the reasoning obtained from the Koran, Shariah law and the hadiths that drive jihadists to commit these acts of terrorism. The Islamic jihadists have actually been thoroughly indoctrinated in the core canonical beliefs of Islam as composed in the suras (chapters) of the Koran.

Using the term radical Islam to explain the jihadi terrorism implies that there is some moderate type of Islam. The Islamic leader of Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who supports the establishment of a worldwide caliphate, has repeatedly rejected allied efforts to depict Turkey as an example of moderate Islam. Islam is Islam.

While lots of progressives will say that Islamic supremacism is not the only way of interpreting Islam, they explain that there are millions of Muslims who reject Islam s supremacism and jihadi acts of horrors. This misses out on the point that the authoritative analysis by the scholars of Islam is actually drawn from the scriptures. Those who stray from this line of thinking are cast as racists or Islamophobic, a term invoked by the Muslim Brotherhood. We need to never forget the Muslim Brotherhood s creed, which is to ruin America from within by our own miserable hands and change our Constitution with Shariah law. Further, the senior jurist of the Muslim Brother hood, cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi, has actually stated that the Koran or Shariah law can not be changed to comply with changing human values and requirements. His view, is that the Koran and Shariah present the outright standard to which all human values and perform must conform.

As Andrew Bostom explains, Shariah supremacism with its despiteful bellicosity and bigotry continues to be, unfortunately, the predominant frame of mind of the world s Muslims. He specifies, based upon the most recent readily available details, that 77 percent of Muslims from the 5 largest Sunni Muslim populations (Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nigeria) and 83 percent of Shiite Iranians want Shariah as the law of the land. Even more, 91 percent of liberated Iraqis and 90 percent of Afghan Muslims support Shariah.

The late political scientist, Samuel Huntington, explained that Islam is entirely incompatible with Western culture and traditions. They can never ever exist side-by-side. Islam is at war with the West. It is a clash of civilizations.

Even Alexis de Tocqueville, the French thinker, commented after studying the Koran in 1838 that it not only motivates but regulates a holy war versus all infidels, along with the requirement for obeying the Prophet Muhammad. This what drives the Islamic State today; its members believe everything needs to be done as it was throughout the reign of the prophet.

Islam is not a religious beliefs of peace. Till the threat of Islam is comprehended, we will not be effective in defeating this opponent.

With all the ISIS atrocities dedicated, President al-Sisi of Egypt felt Islam was getting a bad image. On Jan. 1, 2015, speaking at the Cairo website of the Vatican version of Sunni Islamic spiritual education, at al-Azhar University, Mr. al-Sisi charged the leading Sunni clerics with reforming Islam, which has not taken place in over 1,300 years.

There should be no doubt that unreformed Islam is the opponent. America has to take the lead in resolving this enemy. The Islamic State is the current point of the spear which need to be thoroughly squashed. A movement should likewise be started to promote President al-Sisi s require a reformation of Islam to bring Islam into the 21st century.

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